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Codeigniter Tutorials – How to choose the right PHP framework?

1 year ago

Codeigniter tutorials – Find the best PHP framework

Learn using, codeigniter tutorials to become an expert., codeigniter tutorials paves the path of your professional career. My codeigniter tutorials helps to choose the right PHP framework. Choosing the right PHP framework always makes confusion. You have the option to build large to small applications or products using PHP frameworks through my codeigniter tutorials. I have given the list of PHP frameworks you can trust in the previous article through my codeigniter tutorials post. Firstly, it is not so difficult to choose the right PHP framework. Choosing the right PHP framework comes from the different aspect of thinking. It varies from the usage of the application, efficiency of the product, speed and other factors. How to choose the right PHP framework won’t be a problem by all means. Given below is a list of points you need to remember while choosing a PHP framework through my codeigniter tutorials.


Codeigniter Tutorials – How to choose the right PHP framework in case of –


1, Security


The security of PHP framework is a factor which needs priority. It is important to realize that all MVC framework has a basic protection level. The facts about which could be understood well through my codeigniter tutorials. Although you have a basic level maximizing the security of the application is very important. The security threads increase day by day notably for a PHP application. The security problems arise from SQL injection to XSS, Xsr and much more. The SQL injection like the common problem has does have prevention in all frameworks. The fuel PHP will always be the best in case of security. This framework which automatically encodes all output increase security. It also provides facilities like CSRF prevention, input filtering, and prevention against other security issues. If you need high security go for fuel PHP.


2, Developer friendly


The developer-friendly one is Codeigniter which don’t need an introduction. We could help you get familiar with Codeigniter framework through my codeigniter framework tutorials. Most of the PHP framework requires customization in hosting environment. This PHP framework is highly suitable for beginners. Codeigniter is the only PHP framework requires no customization in the hosting environment. This MVC framework is very friendly to shared hosting which reduces cost. The Yii framework is another one which gives the same facility of shared hosting. This two framework provides low hosting charge even though frameworks like Laravel have the option of shared hosting.

Codeigniter won’t use a composer for the installation procedure. The framework like Symfony requires a composer and command line for installation. Yii provides you a template and Symfony a basic web app after installation. This facility you can’t expect from Codeigniter. Although considering all features Codeigniter is developer friendly.


3, Regular updates


Learning about regular updates are one important way to familiarize with PHP framework. On which codeigniter framework tutorials could help youMost codeigniter framework tutorials framework team won’t provide this feature. This factor is necessary to fix the issues and bugs on the previous version. Regular updates also give an opportunity to introduce the new feature. Through providing regular updates framework deserves more trust. The frameworks like Laravel and Symfony are good with this feature compared to other. Choosing a right framework for building home product makes you think about extensibility. A framework regular updates will increase the extensibility of the application. This facility is very less in case of the framework like Yii and Codeigniter.


4, Code reusability


Codeigniter framework tutorials – Code re-usability is a factor which reduces development time and cost. All the components in case of Symfony framework are reusable. Here you don’t need to code a lot since you can reuse the code. The Symfony framework components offer you creation, object configuration, routing, CRUD, authentication, templating, and much more in a reusable manner. The Laravel and some other framework often use components of Symfony. Some companies do create MVC framework with high code re-usability which reduces development cost. The code re-usability increases the performance of the application and also help to remove useless codes.


5, Documentation and Support


How to choose the right PHP framework with better support and documentation from my codeigniter framework tutorials. The PHP framework with the best documentation and support will help you to clarify problems while coding. The frameworks like Laravel, CakePHP, and Symfony have excellent documentation. This documentation will help you to get a clear understanding of the new features and operation of a framework. The support community helps you to resolve new issues that happen while coding. The online community helps you to clarify questions and provides support. The Codeigniter does provide better support. But community support is lesser in case of YII and Fuel PHP.


6, Database Support


The database support is an important feature you need to know while choosing a PHP framework. Symfony provides you the best database support. There are many databases available nowadays. Almost all database works with Symfony framework. Some database that this framework support includes MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle, PostgreSQL, DynamoDB, and MemCacheDB. The Laravel and Yii framework also provides a better database choice. Some clients give priority to the database since to secure their data. A full stack framework like Codeigniter and CakePHP is good with handling MYSQL database. These frameworks offer a basic level of working with the database. We helps you understand all theses features through my codeigniter framework tutorials.


7, Performance


Talking about performance Phalcon and Laravel is the framework which provides notably high performance. The Phalcon offers high performance because of C and C++ used for designing. Some peoples say faster performance comes from less code. This PHP framework delivers high speed because of very low memory consumption and CPU usage. The framework like Codeigniter is not suitable for the large-scale application. My tutorials fills your mind with the options available for codeigniter framework.


8, Features


Some PHP framework has excellent features that you don’t know. You will get an idea about each framework feature from my codeigniter framework blog. The Yii framework has Gii feature which automatically creates code. The CRUD operation, form building and much more can be performed using this facility. The Laravel, CakePHP, Symfony, and FuelPHP have some other exciting features.


Codeigniter tutorials makes you know how to choose the right PHP framework – Conclusion

The conclusion of this article to choose right framework is that. PHP framework varies from security, performance, features, and much more. Choosing the right one is with the application goal. The application goal means what this application needs to perform ?. Although you have many choices of PHP framework application goal specifically point out which framework we need to use ?. So How to choose the right PHP framework?

The large-scale application can be developed using Symfony framework. In case of medium scale application go for Laravel, CakePHP, and Yii. Also small-scale application development is made possible with Codeigniter framework tutorials. Simple website and web application with Codeigniter. In addition, Codeigniter reduce the time span of development. Highly secure finance application which requires much more security with FuelPHP. High-performance CRM and ERP with Laravel or Phalcon. Light ERP development with Yii framework. An E-commerce store development with Yii or Codeigniter. Mobile web application with Laravel, CakePHP, and Symfony. Moreover in reality, your application goal may vary from what I mentioned above. Choose the best one thinking from these aspects. Lastly, now you have an answer for How to choose the right framework ?.


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