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Best PHP framework and Top MVC framework

1 year ago

Best PHP framework


Best PHP web applications development comes from one of this PHP framework. Here I have given a list of PHP MVC framework you can trust. Surprisingly Laravel, Symfony, and Codeigniter framework are popular MVC PHP framework nowadays. These PHP frameworks will help you to complete small to large scale projects. Large-scale projects go from E-commerce, CRM to ERP. The most compelling evidence is that large MNC companies build their products by using these PHP frameworks. Each of these MVC frameworks has unique features and style. You can find a lot of PHP framework available today. Here is a list of the framework that I feel relevant to you.

1, Codeigniter

Codeigniter framework features

Codeigniter is very common because of its developer-friendly environment. MVC framework which is easy to develop and secure go for Codeigniter. Codeigniter rectify the complicity of MVC architecture. Codeigniter has many features like validation, error handling, flexible URL routing -etc. You have options to limit the entire source file within 20 Mb. Codeigniter is lightweight, reliable and efficient.This open source framework is more relevant for beginners. Codeigniter don’t have many significant features when compared to Laravel, Yii, and CakePHP. Although this may be true, Codeigniter still maintains its level. This framework provides you good output with little effort without delay.

2, Laravel

Laravel framework features

In the meantime, Laravel is the most powerful when compared to other frameworks. Many companies trust this framework for building their home products. The Artisan tool in Laravel framework is unique. More than 25% of the whole PHP developers are using Laravel for coding. The Laravel framework increases the productivity as well as value. This framework provides you an inbuilt lightweight template facility which helps to create amazing layouts. The object relation mapping feature of Laravel makes it faster. Route caching feature helps to increase its routing. Authentication is very simple in case of Laravel framework. Laravel offers you to do cache programming anywhere in the code.

3, Yii

Yii framework features

Yii framework has two versions available 1.1 and 2.0 up to the present time. Yii framework has many unique features compared to other MVC framework. The main feature of Yii framework is its extensibility and security. This system provides a code generating tool named Gii. The Gii helps you to create model, controller, form and CRUD operation codes. Code generation is possible with Gii access and database table name.The form validation and CRUD operation in this framework are incomparable. Yii provides the maximum performance of Ajax and Jquery while using. API integration is easy and efficient compared to other PHP frameworks.

4, Zend

Zend framework features

If you need an object-oriented web application framework implemented in PHP 5 go for the Zend framework. Everything is an object in case of this framework in short. Zend framework has an extensive validating component for form validation.This framework does follow an MVC architecture. The Zend framework delivers coupled components and less internal dependencies. The reusability of the code is very high in case of this framework. Comparatively, this framework offers complex codes. Even though this is an MVC framework model is not used here. The model problem faced by a developer while using the Zend framework is common.

5, Symfony

Symfony framework features

Symfony is equally important one of the oldest and commercially supported among the PHP frameworks. This framework is mainly used to build enterprise applications like a shopping cart, CRM, and ERP. Symfony framework is highly flexible and reliable. The Symfony framework has a new inbuilt feature bundle and common feature components. These features notably help to eliminate strict dependencies in the architecture. The unit testing is very easy for Symfony framework. This framework has regular updates and documentation. In particular, performance is very high for this framework.Much like Codeigniter’s easy to use, powerful as Laravel, and added new features Symfony rocks.

6, CakePHP

CakePHP framework features

The CakePHP framework also uses MVC pattern and works in the same way. Like Laravel this framework provides you object-relational mapping. This feature of CakePHP can be used to connect the different variety of data into one type. Customization of the project and validation of field is simple. The CRUD Scaffolding is the best feature of CakePHP framework. The single line of code can be used to generate the whole web application in other words. The bug detection is simple for this framework while doing all kinds of applications. The Cake PHP allows you to create the test which will help to find critical points in your projects. This framework also provides you a built-in authorization and security. The Ajax helper class is available in the core of this framework.

7, Phalcon

Phalcon framework features

The Phalcon is the fastest PHP framework available. This framework uses very low memory consumption and CPU usage. The Phalcon framework delivers high-performance MVC pattern. The Phalcon, in other words, is a PHP Framework with C Extensions. The autoloading mechanism makes this framework unique. Autoloader allows loading classes automatically which is granted by some predefined rules. This feature of Phalcon framework from PHP’s capability of autoloading classes. Class Autoloader helps you to load the file from other projects and vendors. Another feature of this framework is the advanced routing capability. Here you have options to define routes and map them to controller or action as per your requirement.

8, FuelPHP

FuelPHP framework features

FuelPHP is one another developer friendly framework like Codeigniter. The FuelPHP has a built-in modular structure. The code restriction is limited in case of this MVC framework. FuelPHP holds high security because the views will encode all output. This framework also prevents XSS attack. FuelPHP also provides input filtering, CSRF prevention, and prevents queries having SQL injection. The projects created using this framework is highly extensible and flexible. The oil utility makes this framework a high speed one. This utility helps to create code generation, admin generation, database migration, admin generation. This powerful framework is very lightweight. Even though no compromise in security value.

PHP framework


All these frameworks are trustable in several practices. Each of these frameworks has their specific features. Some common feature can also found among them. I have given a short introduction about each of this framework. You can choose the best PHP framework among this list. The selection should be from different aspects as per your requirement, deadline, security, and extensibility. Always be confident in your coding. Thanks for reading this article.


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