Features of Codeigniter framework

Features of Codeigniter Framework | Top features of Codeigniter

1 year ago

Amazing features of Codeigniter framework

Do you want to know amazing features of Codeigniter framework?. Through this section features of Codeigniter Framework, you will see dynamics features of Codeigniter framework. I have given an introduction to Codeigniter. This section helps you to find out why you need to think of this framework?. Almost all framework have the same basic feature as well as some unique features. Some unique feature differentiates them from another framework.

Codeigniter delivers some features which made it in the first place when compared to other. Although this may be true, Codeigniter also lags in some features compared to some other framework. For this reason, you need to know about this framework thoroughly. This content gives you a detailed understanding of features of Codeigniter framework. The first thing to remember is that Codeigniter is able to work with PHP4 and PHP5 and a very few requirements. These features of Codeigniter framework makes this framework more developer friendly.

The main features of Codeigniter framework include-

1, Validation

Form validation is an important part while doing a project in PHP. At the same time validation is very simple in the case among the features of Codeigniter framework. There are options from basic form validation to the high level. Through-loading the validation library in the controller, We perform validation rules for submitted data. Custom error messages are possible with the help of a plugin. Configuring the validation library helps to achieve custom validation comparatively.

2, Error Handling

The features of Codeigniter framework help you to create error reporting in the application so that it is easy to rectify the errors. In the meantime, Codeigniter has an error logging class that help to save error as text files. An error_reporting() function is available at the top of the index.php file. The error function is simple procedural interfaces and it is available globally. The CodeIgniter returns a status code when exit() calls.

3, Simplicity

A wide variety of open source PHP frameworks is available. The features of Codeigniter framework is very simple compared to any other framework in PHP. It is highly lightweight, reliable and efficient. Creating new libraries and changing its features as per our requirement is easy. The Codeigniter doesn’t require an installation procedure. Codeigniter provides HMVC support, included a js library and inbuilt CAPTCHA. Ajax and data table operations are much similar to core PHP. Its user interface allows developers to understand their code quickly. The Codeigniter breaks down the unwanted complicity cased by frameworks like Laravel.

4, Security

The features of Codeigniter framework follows several measures to secure a web application. Some of its security features include XSS Filtering, CSRF protection, Password handling and Validate input data. The Codeigniter has a cross-site scripting filter and this filter go for commonly used techniques to embed malicious JavaScript into your data. This filter also restricts other types of code that attempt to hijack cookies or do other malicious things. Cross-Site Request Forgery(CSRF) is a process of an attacker tricking their victim into unknowingly submitting a request. The Codeigniter provides the best CSRF protection which gets automatically triggered for each non-GET HTTP call. Although, CodeIgniter has a set of password securing features along with it. The password hashing algorithms like BCrypt used to secure password. On the other hand, BCrypt algorithm is stronger than any other.

5, Flexible URL Routing

Flexible URL Routing is an important one among the features of Codeigniter framework. A developer has the option to present his web page in a more advanced way. Even though this piece of technology allows him to gain more visitors it also helps to convert normal URL to SEO friendly one. There are options to set rules for routing at rout.php file inside config folder.

6, Hooks and Class Extensions

Hooks feature in Codeigniter allows the developer to modify the inner working of the framework without hacking the core files. For example, you need to run a script before loading a controller. Activating hook feature is possible from the config.php file. Multi-dimensional array declaration used to make the same hook point engage with more than one script.

6, Zip Encoding Class

The Zip Encoding Class in Codeigniter framework permits you to create Zip archives easily. Zip archives thus created are downloaded to your desktop or saved to a directory. Similarly, the Zip class is initialized in your controller by loading the library.

These are some of the important features of Codeigniter framework that put Codeigniter to the top position among other PHP frameworks.

As per records, the total PHP framework usage all around the world comprises to about:

  1. Laravel – 65%
  2. Codeigniter – 15%
  3.  Yii – 10%
  4. Zend – 5%
  5. Cake PHP – 5%

Codeigniter is one of the renowned PHP frameworks used second next to Laravel by most programmers all over the world. Because of its user-friendly framework features.


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