Codeigniter tutorial for beginners

CodeIgniter Tutorial for Beginners

1 year ago

CodeIgniter Tutorial for Beginners

The platform namely is a very good CodeIgniter tutorial for beginners. Through reading these blogs you will get a clear idea about CodeIgniter framework through our CodeIgniter tutorial for beginners. Our CodeIgniter tutorial for beginners helps to understand the PHP applications major value in the software industry in terms of money and reliability. Amazing web application building is possible using this programming language. PHP frameworks will help you to create the web application in less time. Our CodeIgniter tutorial for beginners is the best one for you if you are creating a web application. EllisLab has created this developer friendly framework. This blog page will provide a complete data set of this framework at the same time. The CodeIgniter framework does follow an MVC pattern which is simple to learn and well explained in our CodeIgniter tutorial for beginners.

CodeIgniter MVC Pattern

CodeIgniter tutorial for beginners – Thinking about Codeigniter first thing to remember is MVC. I will give you a short explanation about the MVC pattern used in CodeIgniter. In the latter section, I will give in detail about each of them and how it is created?. The CodeIgniter framework is mainly based on model, view, and controller. The MVC pattern will deviate from the ordinary way of writing codes. This way of coding will enhance the security as well as the performance of the application. Thus the efficiency improves with the market value.


This section connects our application with the database so that CRUD operation is possible. CRUD refers to insert, update, collect and delete data. The model is simply a PHP class which extends from CI_Model. To access a model we need to load the necessary model in the controller. We can set the database connectivity pieces of information like database name, username, password, and localhost database.php page inside config folder. The connectivity information inside database.php will automatically get set as the default database.

class My_model extends CI_Model {


The view section is part which we can say as the user interface. We will display the relevant data that our application needs to reveal. The view creation is possible in many different ways. The view is not more than a simple webpage having a header, content, sidebars and a footer. These items can be called as page fragments. The HTML frontend that we need to display can be converted more efficiently to a layout. We can use this layout on all pages instead of again calling page fragments. This pease of technique will enrich the coding efficiency and reduce loading time.


This section in MVC will help you to control the data variable passing and to perform different operations. The controller will connect the model to a view. Normal SQL statements coupled with the controller offers also offer you database access. The controller organizes the information and makes it relevant to our pattern. The controller is the most powerful part of this MVC. It is also a class that gets extends from CI_Controller. Loading model, as well as a view, is possible inside a controller. The index function is the default function and the loaded view inside that will be the page shown. The default controller is specified on the routes.php page inside config.

class Mycontroller extends CI_Controller {

This Codeigniter Tutorial for beginners will go through all sections that matter with advanced web application development. Eventually, you need to know about the market value this framework. What are all the parts that you can create applications to promote company business?. How can you make money with this framework?. Following are some sectors that Codeigniter can be applied.

CodeIgniter Tutorial for Beginners (Business level uses)


E-commerce platform-

E-commerce platforms creation is possible with Codeigniter without delay. Once after successfully creating the HTML file, we can convert it to MVC. A separate admin dashboard to summarize analytics and CMS. The CodeIgniter advanced routing allows you to do that.

Ticket Booking Platform-

Ticket booking applications like can be created using Codeigniter. The enhanced security feature can secure this platform. Meanwhile, We can add a different library for example language libraries. Hence the language library will offer multiple language selections so that multiple users from the different location can use this platform.

Customer relationship management system-

Another key point is CRM product creation. Codeigniter allows you to create a fully functional CRM. You can make this as your company product. The invoices generation and mail sending are possible at a minimum time. A chat system integrated is possible to support our clients.

Together with these, you achieve more benefits rather than simply knowing this framework. In reality, you are able to make more and more application by referring our CodeIgniter Tutorial for Beginners.

Conclusion – Finding for Codeigniter tutorial for beginners

Moreover, everyone gets a better understanding of the well-known PHP framework. Learn everything from basics to advanced Codeigniter PHP coding. Grow yourself to be an expert in Codeigniter PHP coding. Through our tutorial, you would have scalable & dynamic knowledge about the latest PHP Codeigniter features. Finally, the more you learn the more you would be able to bring out the right potential of the PHP framework through your coding. We guarantee a bright future for all fellow PHP programmers who read our tutorial blogs.


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